Empowerment through Breath

Breath is Life and Life is Breath! We are born and the first thing we do is breathe and when we die it is the last thing we do. But we really know if we breathe well? Are we aware how we breathe? Is it open or used fully, is it blocked somewhere? We never think about it and often we have no awareness about it. And still, it is key to our wellbeing. If our breath is blocked the energy cannot flow and we might feel depressed or have low self esteem. When our breathing is very limited and superficial we may not allow ourselves to receive all the good of life because we have an underlying conviction that we are not good enough. 

I guide and support clients using their breath to unblock energies and to become more aware how they can use their breath to discharge certain emotions so they can feel more free again and to live their life more to the fullest. I use the Breathfulness programme, Breathfulness intensive and coaching as tools to achieve this. 

I hope you enjoy reading more on this website to learn about what I do and how I can assist you in achieving your own self development goals.