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Empathy Lesson Workshop

I was thinking we could hold a series of empathy prototype workshops where each person can design a 2 hour online empathy workshop and host it.  

Workshops Guidelines

  • As part of the lesson each facilitator creates a webpage for the lesson.

  • The idea is to have a participatory experiential workshop. Not a lecture or Q and A. Participants must be involved in some kind of exercises.

  • Up to 1 hour preparation reading or viewing of video for paritipants.

  • 2 hour online experiential empathy workshop

  • We can have 4 to 8 participants

  • Record the workshop.

  • Have feedback and support session on the workshop from participants so that it can be improved.

  • It would be a way to build the curriculum by each person creating a lesson.

  • We meet as colleges and give feedback . Participants work to improve the lesson.

  • The lesson can become part of a larger empathy curriculum

Possible Presenters

  1. Edwin Rutsch

  2. Chuck Pezeshki