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Grays Idea Plan

IETA Plan – Rough Sketch

Ok, so these are my notes.  Maybe it’s a bit crazy but it’s kind of how I see IETA growing into a business that could make money and spread empathy at the same time!  This is really rough and I hope it makes sense – there’s definitely some stuff that I kind of want to just touch on more in the meeting because it seems easier to explain verbally (i.e. why I think this kind of thing is an easier sell than focusing on individual certifications and classes where individuals sign up).  Also, forgive me if this ends up sounding business plan-ish…I thought that’s what we were asked to do, but I just don’t want anyone to think that I forgot that the main point of everything is to make the world a better place! 

IETA as a whole would exist of members -> made up of all members in FB group, all people on Edwin’s mailing list.

From there, a (for lack of a better term) Board of Directors could be appointed.  To me this is less to do with the need for centralized leadership and more to do with time and commitment abilities and need for stability in those areas at this point.  The people who elect to do this job must commit to meetings and therefore are the ones who lay the groundwork and make decisions for things like:

  • Goals
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Plans
  • Grant Writing
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Marketing/Branding
  • Program Focuses
  • Writing and Publication

Overall, in my opinion, I wasn’t thinking that individual certifications and memberships were the main project/goal.  That, to me, seems like a harder sell.  I feel like aiming bigger could actually be more beneficial. 

 Develop IETA as a nonprofit that builds programs that target various places (schools/businesses/etc – more on this later).  IETA Board works build programs that target these various places.  Then the IETA Board gathers and train a group of people in these programs.  

These employees then go out to places who are interested in their workplace/school becoming an empathy certified workplace and run the programs and set up the infrastructure so that the clients can become that.  Eventually IETA would become a governing body.  IETA goes into businesses, schools, even police depts. (along Edwin’s BLM/police idea), trains and runs workshops so that the client gets an IETA designation that will mean something and be a big deal!  We could offer different level certification based on what clients were looking for and individuals at the companies could do extra training with us to become the IETA liason. 

This is comparative to something like the LEED Program.  It’s like a LEED program for empathy!  LEED is nationally known – when people see that a building is LEED certified, they know that the builders and engineers did their work to make sure the building is as environmentally friendly as possible.  Ideally, IETA could get to a point where if someone saw that a company/school/organization was IETA certified than they knew that that place was trained in empathy circles, had empathic school design, incorporated safe spaces, utilized nonviolent conflict resolution, etc. 


Ideas for program focuses:

Schools ->
faculty professional development, administrator training, empathic school design and infrastructure planning, hands-on student programs (retreats, class unity programs, etc)

Workplace/Corporate ->
employee retreats, empathic leadership training, empathic teambuilding, initiative and confidence

Neighborhood/Community Programs ->  n
eighborhood initiatives (offered at libraries, city community centers, headstarts, etc), training for nonviolent conflict resolution, empathy akido, empathy circle training

Police/Law Enforcement ->
empathy circle training, empathic conflict resolution, de-escalation, building partnerships with community center programs (this could get really good buy – in if it was approached the right way…offer it as precinct specific…precincts would WANT to do this as a way to help with public image and that’s a way to get in and actually start making a difference!)

Honestly, no less than four places (schools and non-profits -- social work and animal welfare) that I have been employed at would go for this - like full-on jump in and pay for a service like this.  AND they would do it because there is no doubt that the community they serve would see something like an IETA designation and it would make them prefer that school or nonprofit over one that didn’t have it….which means that having an IETA designation would help them get more customers. That’s not hyperbole; it’s true.  There’s a market here!  And a need! 

YES! To at least annual meetings that move around the world with presenters and activities that keep people on the cutting edge of practice. 

Hopefully eventually enough funding from “business” aspect to fund projects/research/other initiatives