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  • Working with members to design and construct certified course
  • Varying Levels i.e. Cert I, Cert II, Cert III, Advanced Cert
  • Become a IETA Certified Facilitator
  • Must be a paid up member (annual) of the Association to sit Certification
  • Membership paid (fee to be assessed and determined) annually, will permit ongoing use of the Logo in all marketing material, websites, branding (i.e. Member of IETA Stamp/Logo)
  • Create different fee levels of membership i.e.

Non Profit and Profit Levels (alter pricing):
  • 1-5 employees = $, cert discount for e-magazine, discount attend workshops, 1/3 page advertising % discount in e-magazine, invitation to attend conference, global support meetings, 
  •  5-50 employees = $, cert discount for members, conference, ¼ page magazine story (marketing of what they do with empathy, branding, product/service), guest speaker at International Conference, Video marketing on IETA website 
  • 50+ employees = $, cert discount for members, conference presentation, sponsorship rights on website and marketing material, sponsor certification and recognition in all marketing material, ½ page article in magazine (just to add here, I know how to design a magazine using Adobe InDesign to a high standard, we could have it downloadable online to members or with paid costs by the member(s) to cover print and postage, have a hardcopy mailed directly

Individual Levels:
  • Individual = $, cert discount for members, e-magazine, discount attend workshops 
  •  Family = $, cert discount for members, e-magazine, discount attend workshops