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Meeting Aug 3, 2016

Parth interviews  Vince

1.Is this your first hangout?

A few weeks ago with Edwin

2.  How did your experience with empathy begin?

Students need to know what their doing, they asked me to design training, began to see changes, people listening to one another.  People just act wrong because they don’t know better. Restorative circles and changed his perspective completely.

3. How did your perspective change?

Slowly, saw myself in a circle and noticed things happening, people who looked bad, they are like you.  It was an emotional change, understood people are sometimes unaware of the pain they are causing, they don’t have any other resources.  Empathy is a skill that can be acquired, and if I can obtain this, can be taught.

4. How has engaging in the process of empathy opened up for you on a personal level?

First there was an awareness, you ask silly stuff, you receive the same.  Just because I don’t like something a person is doing there is something that connects us.

5. What would you like to see come from this organisation.

We need to have structure, and values, important to have both principals.   It needs to be clear, cohesive.