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Sascha Bosetzky

MEETING 2016-06-22


Berlin. Communications/coaching(?) Lived as monk for many years. Empathic way of being. Dissertation and association with Edwin.

Raj Interviews Sascha   

(what is exciting for you in the world of empathy?)

 ...Family reasons made empathy important. Had to have empathy to help ill family members. Then living as a monk, people bringing such difficult problems...all I could do is offer empathic listening, not solutions. And always happy to receive empathy...then became a professional, write PHD thesis...had done lots of communication training. Works best when both parties are, do thesis on that. Empathy as core of communication and co-existence….

(maybe you thought you were not doing enough, just listening, but I bet they felt heard…) Yes, crux experience of listening to someone’s pain about political persecution of his important to hear, to share this experience.

(what next step?)

Bring people together. INTERNATIONAL. This is a human problem, different cultures have different views. We must pool all this information and resources to heal this situation INTERNATIONALLY.

(important! Different cultures, international integration and problem solving)...

I can help type. He was a monk and people would come to him to be heard and he enjoyed being heard. He has done a lot of communications training. Doing his thesis on empathy.

People felt heard, they told me sad stories. I heard kurdish stories, I felt their pain. Felt their pain.

Having an international association is very important, we have to have trainers from all around the world and be able to pool those.

Task Ideas

  • Getting to know each other.

  • Have these meetings and a core team is forming.

  • We are already making the curriculum - join us.

  • Publishing a joint paper