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Salvador Moreno

Salvador Moreno

I’m a psycholist. I work mostly as a  focusing-oriented psychotherapist and facilitator. I have been working with graduated students for many years, in psychotherapy and human development programs. How to develop an emphatic way of being has been one of my main interests for many years.  

Meeting 2016-06-08

Intention for this meeting

To know  the project and identify ways to share with other people experiences and resources around empathy.

Raj  interviews Salvador

Tell me about your experience with empathy?

My first experience: I was really surprised to find someone who really understood me without judging, or giving advice. It felt great. That was in my personal psychotherapy.

As a therapist I saw how people became more real, more in peace with themselves, and it was an important experience.
I started teaching at the university, in a psychotherapy and a human development graduate programs, and it was a challenge for me to help the students to become empathic. I started to experiment with different way of teaching empathy, oriented by Rogers and Gendlin proposals.

What is empathy to you?

A way of being with people. To feel and sense what people are feeling and saying and to be able to communicate my understanding in a provisional way.

If it is so joyful and beautiful what keeps us for experiencing this?

The culture does not value this way of being and listening. It is expected to give advice, or tell what to do.

It seems to be working.  I don't’ give advice.

Culturally the society feels the interaction is to tell them this is right or wrong.

What do you think we will gain if we become more empathic in our culture?

Collaborate more, help each other more,

Family and school important space to foster empathy.

experience in his own therapy years ago of the power of empathy. Working with it, training students many years. Came across Gendlin’s Focusing as an additional form of empathy. Universities in Mexico. Recently retired?

Michael interviews Salvador

(why IETA important for you?)

Place to meet people interested in empathy, not just therapy, but business, life issues, world in general. Share the programs we use to train, how evaluate, how to share resources, ways of training...wants to do it in Spanish!!! Share what the Spanish people are doing/writing

(apply the model we develop to develop a Spanish version?)  

Maybe, but also speaking Spanish within THIS organization.

(next steps?)

What can I share in the association? What can I give, as a way of knowing the RESOURCES we have as a community to contribute.

(how collect this info?)  ...share website where we could post the trainings/programs/references in academic settings/curriculums...share what we already have…(and Kathy reminds, he wants to be able to do that in Spanish here somehow…)

(you love learning and teaching this empathy stuff and sharing about it) Yes. I have had opportunities to learn methods and also want to share what I have learned.

What is the biggest gain