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Meeting 2016-08-03
Cath interviews Richard

What you brought you here today and how do you see your involvement in this org?

Working with youth, Pray for Peace, bringing children from different cultures together to change the dynamic of conflict, change their worldview with empathy and passion makes the difference, salespeople may have empathy but not passion as they don’t have the best interest in mind. To interview you need to have empathy, how do you help people develop this, course skills. Empathy in life is so critical. Politics remind us how serious it can be if people don’t develop their skills.

2. You coach people to interview with empathy?

Putting yourself in my position, help the person to think and their thought processes

3. How can the games help?

The games are cooperative games where there are winners and winners, togetherness, laughter, team building, look beyond divisions, especially for children, race, cultural differences, we use games that we can share and pass that on to others. Develop trust, connecting to our common humanity. I’d like to contribute and help to develop, curriculum, practicing being in the mindset, how people are feeling, happy to share anything I have.

Parth interviews Richard

What compelled you to join?

I’ve known Edwin for many years, when he first started, conversation for happiness and for compassion, mindfulness in schools is a big thing, but empathy is missing, recognise that empathy that fills a very big void. Acts of kindness, mindfulness. Empathy the ability to cultivate the capacity of anothers pains. Organisational, families, parents, how we can dialogue with others, including , a deeper understanding, the choices we can make an impact the environment around us.

2. What do you want to gain?

A number of things, what are the conditions? This group to be an incubator space, what is definition of empathy that we can rely, bring that to the communities. Solutions that you don’t have to feel pain alone. Gather internationally, see each other in a different light for self and others including animals.