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Malabika Das

Namaste Empathy Trainers,

 My name is Malabika Das. I am integrative social worker and YUUUUGGGGGEEE believer in the power of empathy. I recently completed my PhD from the University of Hong Kong. I looked at how the ecological environment impacts the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of forcibly displaced persons in Hong Kong. 

I found that there was systemic empathic failure occurring from the micro to macro levels which impacted peoples wellbeing. In particular for displaced communities, I think empathy is essential during every part of the displacement process. I believe that empathy can reduce the myriad of barriers faced by this group, from policy to interpersonal interactions. I hope to be involved with increasing empathy in this sphere, quite a large sphere now.

 Thanks for all the hard work you do in bringing this most important concept and essential human characteristic to the forefront...we need to prioritize empathy more than ever