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Madhusoodana Sunnambala

1. What is your name, background and interest with training empathy?

My Name is Madhusoodana Sunnambala I am from India. I have done my post-graduation in Psychology in 2001 and been working as lecturer in Psychology for graduation and Post-graduation level in India and Sri Lanka. At present I am working as a Psychology teacher in a reputed International School.

As I am with adolescence I could see nowadays due to many factors empathy is quite less among them due to many factors. I am working on developing short term training modules which will be used in schools to cultivate empathy. And train parents to socialize children focusing on empathy. I am a certified human resource development trainer. And conduct soft skill training and a counselor.

2. What are your ideas for forming an International Empathy Trainers Association?

It’s a good idea as we can share ideas and have a form to validate out training module and can together develop reliable assessment tools. And also bring some policy change in educational setting to include Empathy as a syllabus.

3. What sort of support do you need from IETA?

I need some of the tested reliable training module and ideas from the group to develop good activity oriented training modules which could be used worldwide and especially to make it culture specific.

4. How would you like to contribute of building the Association?
I can present my ideas on the topic and also I will try to organize some conference in India to spread the idea of the Association

5. What questions do you have for others on the list?
Is Anyone Developed Empathy training module and standardized it?

Is Anyone know where the course available for me to do my PhD on the same topic?

6. Will you be able to attend some planning and design meetings?
What dates and times are good for you?
Depends on my weekly schedule.

7. Any links you'd like to share.
Your Website:
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8. Other Comments?

Madhusoodana. S
Dept. of Psychology
Indus International School
"I agree inborn capacities but I believe in training"