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Lou Agosta

May I introduce myself? My one claim to fame is that I am the author of three (3) scholarly books on empathy - for details see
I acknowledge Edwin Rutsch for his initiative in creating this group. And for his contribution in all things empathic. 

Edwin, you are the most inclusive person that I know - and I acknowledge your empathy!


Q. Talk about whatever you want to say on about the Empathy Trainers Association idea?

He has deep thoughts about empathy, yet not about a formal association, so I will make something up.

The world needs extended empathy. I am not against an association. If one comes, I will join.

Here is the thing: Empathy is about building communities and relationships. Part of the process of expanding empathy is being present in a public space and let others know what is does.

  • Create a licensing, The association dealing with licensing does not interest me.

  • Create a revenue models,  for whatever it is you do, to make a living.

  • Politics comes to mind. Politics doesn't engage me the way empathy does

  • Makes us legitimate,

The process of creating an association doesn’t interest me. I have not been very self expressed because I haven’t thought about this. Legislation to make our existence as empathy trainers… hmmm.

Q: Is there a disadvantages of their being an association?

“Easy for me to be negative...we don’t need more rules, we need expanded empathy. We need some rules, but concern about empowering empathy, NOT compliance with rules….

Theme: Rules in the association

  • we don’t need more rules,

  • We need some rules, but concern is about empowering empathy, NOT compliance with rules….

  • we need expanded empathy.


Feelings: concern

Met Needs:

Unmet Needs:  expanded  empathy

Insight: Lou is concerned about the association becoming rules based and he wants more empathy and not rules.
HMW…. How might we expand empathy and not just create more rules?

Q: Who could benefit from this association and eventually setting up a huge training?

I learned a lot from listening to everyone here. I went off the political deep end in my initial comments.  

Different people want to do different parts.

  1. Some Run the association,

  2. Some people into administration.

  3. Some will take notes….

  4. Good for Networking

  5. action toward common goals.

  6. Expressing commitment and expressing common goals.

Different groups Neuroscientist, therapists, etc, congregate

Disagreements can be productive. Politics can be useful, used to be a medium for compromise. On a good day, associations can do that. Networkings, commitment,

Q: Sounds like ‘mastermind’ groups, where people with different backgrounds share their ideas about the same project…

Likes what kathy said about coming together, networking, not so much emphasis on rules...maybe some kind of document BUT everyone knows something about empathy, parents, doctors… so fear to rigidify, limit “who” is an empathy facilitator.