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Laura Hamilton

Hi! I was delighted to find your resource. I'm working in Thames, New Zealand after living in Scotland for 17 years. For over 10 years, I've been working with communities in the UK and overseas using varying participative methods to support vulnerable and disenfranchised groups having their voices heard. I've worked in very high areas of poverty, as well as in Haiti, East African, India and Bangladesh. 

I've just started a project in Thames focusing on 5-7 yr olds, their families, and teachers - exploring empathy using art and drama. I'll be working intensively in two schools, reaching over 100 children over 5 months and will develop supporting toolkits for teachers, as well as visuals in the community. I'm so, so passionate about this and have been absorbing all that I can. I'm very interested to contribute, learn, grow and help to foster a more peaceful and cooperative world. Thank you, thank you!! Laura