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Meeting: 2016-07-06

Name: Kiu  

I want to contribute and live in a world that takes better care of ALL its inhabitants and I currently choose to invest in Nonviolent Communication as a path I both practice and help to create communities of practice here in Rio for people and groups who are socially engaged.

I am both excited and concerned by the rapid expansion of empathy and Nonviolent Communication practices.

Xcited because I believe this to be a large part of whats missing for the world I wish for and concerned because we may lose the transformative essence if its shared as a methodology to keep the current way of thinking going as opposed to letting ourselves be transformed by it to continually update our way of seeing the world

What does an ideal IETA look like to you?  
A series of dialogues on key issues that people who are engaged in sharing this work.

People join by the topic of interest and actions are taken based on the dialogues. Structures are kept to a minimum and are open to be moved by those who are a part of the structure. A relationship where the organisation supports the individuals and the individuals support the organisation - win win relationships.

Key focus for me is how to take care of the quality essence and purpose. Constant work to stay connected to this over time.