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Kate Hayes

1. What is your name, background and interest with training empathy?

I'm Kate (full name Catherine )- .I live in England in East Anglia and work at the University of Nottingham. I attended a full time diploma in person-centred counselling at the University of East Anglia in 1994 with Brian Thorne and Judy Moore as my trainers.

I have been involved in all things person-centred since then. Counselling paralleled 'facilitating' training and today my main body of work is with qualified therapists who work for the National Health Service (NHS) in England

The training is to encourage therapists to engage with their values and whether they align with the principles described by Carl Rogers. A scale was developed by Beth Friere, Graham Westwell and Robert Elliot that captures the attitudes and values that are characterised by a person willing to offer to themselves and others the six necessary and sufficient conditions for psychological change.

This is called PCEPS. The conditions are dependent on each other to create a climate that facilitates a relationship such as the one that may be identified as a person-centred relationship.

My interest in empathy is how few counsellors really understand it and consider being empathic is the same as asking someone 'how do you feel?' As shocking as that may seem- its the reality. We encourage therapists to develop their capacity to feel and express empathy and once they 'get it' it seems to remain. By the way, the delegates have all been qualified to work as therapists and have either a person-centred qualification or describe themselves as Integrative with a person-centred component. The PCEPS is the way a therapists attitudes are rated- it works well and having worked with 3 different colleagues our inter ratability seems consistent which is encouraging although more research is required.

I am also studying for a doctorate in education and my focus is person-centred education as described by Rogers (Student -centred learning) and Aspy and Roebuck et al.

2. What are your ideas for forming an International Empathy Trainers Association?

I have watched with interest what Ed has been doing over the last few years and am so impressed by how this is growing- so more of the same I feel is appropriate

3. What sort of support do you need from IETA?

Any papers on person-centred education would be very welcome

3. How would you like to contribute of building the Association?

Dialogue and dipping in as much as I can- I am time poor due to my studies presently but will support in any way I can

4. What questions do you have for others on the list?

No questions just a big hello!

5. Will you be able to attend some planning and design meetings?
What dates and times are good for you?

I regret presently that is unlikely with various deadlines looming but when that changes will do

6. Other Comments?

Could there be some agreement in regards to the spelling of person-centred. I know the American and British spelling will be different- (centered) but could we agree to keep the hyphen? 

For research purposes its very difficult to find consistency in the term and some agreement on this forum to keep the hyphen would be amazing! I see you have human-centered which is exciting so could the same hyphen be used please? 

Some papers that refer to person centred have little to do with anything I recognise. I am interested to know what others think about this.