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Jerry Green


Gray interviews Jerry

  1. Jerry how did you first start with empathy to make a living?

  • Was already a mediator. I gave a talk and people got a lot from the embodied part.
  • Aikido has informed my work as a mediator.
  • Communication and Harmony
  • Bodywise-Communication
  • Greener Mediations
  1. Incorporated into his business, how were you able to do that?

  • Gave a talk at bookstore on aikido. Asked to do seminar for church.

  • This grew and he built a website.

  • Has pushed in his mediation work to help clients get embodied.

  1. Growing in terms of market/notoriety (maybe brand?) but not monetarily on its own

  • Aikido works better than NVC for him...keeps you out of head and in the body
  • Working on an infomercial type marketing to draw people to his website..affiliate program..
  • I’ve allowed the work to progress. People had difficulty
  • Both empathy is out of the mind.. Into the body.
  1. How have you been able to grow this as a business?

  • Hasn’t been a money maker but is a notoriety.
  • NVC breaks down with tensions
  • Aikido Helps me stay grounded.
  • Empathy
  1. Working with mediators? How would you like to see it grow.

  • How to market that.
  • Create a 60 second video
  • Can have affiliates