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Jennifer McCabe

Jennifer McCabe

I’m founder and CEO of Pluck with Purpose. We provide hands-on relationship skill training and leadership development for purpose-driven professionals. I’ve been teaching empathic listening and empathy for the past 5 years and have been in dedicated study of the topic for the past 8. My intention for this meeting is to see if I have something to contribute to an association.

Meeting 2016-06-08

Salvador interviews Jennifer

Why are you interested in participating IETA?

I teach empathy for a living. I’m always looking for new ways of improving my trainings to serve my clients better.

I have connections for the business side of my work, but not the teaching side of my work.

We teach 4 skills of relationship competence:

  •  empathic listening, 
  • empathy,
  •  congruence, and 
  • unconditional positive regard. 

The first time students experience empathic listening, they enjoy it. It feels like being seen and also seeing themselves in a meaningful and generative way.

When students experience empathy they connect to their self reliance and are able to find their own path.

There is a tension and challenge to teaching the skill of empathy--people are used to being told or given advice to begin with. However, after they get into the groove, they begin to want to explore and experience it more and more.

Can you identify other problems?

There is always a challenge with “time” our trainings are 52-hours.