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Greg Jarmiolowski


Christel interviews Greg

  1. What are you goals with empathy?

  • Drop in workshop on compassion fatigue for healthcare workers
  • Dealing with burnout
  1. Do you want to turn it into a monetary business.?

  • Don't’ want to think that far ahead
  • Took the Stanford CCT course
  • Certified by Stanford to give continuing education units and go from there.  But first he wanted to gauge interest and his own interest in the work.
  1. Is there interest and do I like the work?

  • People may not be ready for meditation.
  • Wanted to give insights in how to deal with suffering in a work environment.
  • Idea was to have an hour long workshop which would give people a place to open up about their feelings of burn-out or overwhelmed
  1. Did you find that burnout was something you experienced?

  • Yes, when I was in my early 20’s working as a Social Worker, mostly on my own and constantly dealing with burnout
  1. How did you cope with that burnout, did you have techniques?

  • I had no techniques back then, he was alone.
  • He was the only social worker and found the nursing staff was callous.  He dealt with the activities director, who was very caring.
  • Saw people dying, was not equipped for that.. I had no support. I was alone, the nurses were very callus.
  1. Do you have material you’ve designed.

  • Gathered some material, ideas, but put everything on hold to complete Stanford Course, plans to resume this.