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Don Browne

1. What is your name, background and interest with training empathy?
Don Browne, retired teacher, real estate investor, and currently a certified teacher of Tai Ji Quan for older adults to improve balance and reduce falls. I also for over a decade have been publishing a news and information blog

2. What are your ideas for forming an International Empathy Trainers Association?

No preconceived ideas other than perhaps some research into evidence based programs for teaching and/or changing empathatic behavior.

3. What sort of support do you need from IETA?

4. How would you like to contribute of building the Association?

Publicize and comment on social media

5. What questions do you have for others on the list?

What impressions do they have for progress being made in empathy in last few years

6. Will you be able to attend some planning and design meetings?
What dates and times are good for you?

Anytime however, I can't spend multiple hours at one time.

7. Any links you'd like to share.

8. Other Comments?

Although I usually play through all the hangouts on air, I find their length might most others from participating. It would be interesting to learn what methods have been effective and efficient and how they can be applied to a larger audience.