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Christel Broederlow

MEETING 2016-08-03
Vince interviews Christel:

Tell me a bit more about what you do?

I was curious. I wanted to understand empathy because of the energies that lie between people. For example with my husband and how we would exchange energies. I wanted to see how I could control / harness empathy. I have gathered hundreds of articles. Created a website with information and be to put it to test. I have raised my 4 sons based on everything that I’ve learned about empathy and they are so different from any

2. Do you have a special / preferred environment of where you’d like to work?

I do utilize my website and social media. My website has been running for about 17 years now. How could I get it out there. How to trickle it down from employer / employee.. In your daily life. I’m actually developing teaching models at the moment, and focusing to get certified workshops in Australia and can be certified. Want it to be a certification. Developing the whole training modules now and want it to be fully accredited.

3. What part of this would you like to give / share with this association.
I want to share all of it. Want to take empathy to the next level. This is a real skill. Have it be recognized as an accredited skill globally and see the time

Jerry interviews Christel

  1. Ask yourself a question?   What have been your struggles and successes with making an income from offering empathy based services and training?

  • Been writing for 20 years
  • How to make a living from that.
  • Empathy is so broad. Developing “empathy in the workplace” manuals .. targets business owners and team leaders
  • Christel’s articles have been published online, both on her website and on various social mediums online
  1. Is your work Published yet?

  • Yes, online and referenced in numerous published books
  • Working on a book - as an overview of how empathy affects our lives and every relationship we have, family, friends, colleagues and even with strangers. Next book that will follow will be focused on Empathy in the Workplace.
  1. Has your writing produced employment?

  • Just dealt with one on one via the internet via emails, social media, website and face to face.
  1. What is your business plan?

    • Focus on small to medium businesses first
    • Seeking accreditation from Australian Government
    • Develop teaching modules, take it out to the workplace
    • Have Business Owners identify the benefits to investing in their team leaders/managers to effectively manage their teams and the cost benefits in doing so (staff retention, improved relations, increased productivity, team building, moral, achieving the objectives of the organisation through empathic management learned and applied
    • Measure effectiveness over a couple of years and gather supporting data with proven results then..
  1. Workshops - take to the Australian Education Board.  Make them compulsory

  • Present the results to the Education Board
  • Aim to have workshops accredited as a course
  • Advocate Government to implement as compulsory curriculum in all study areas in Universities and Higher Education in Australia and New Zealand
  • Advocate workshops to be internationally recognised due to its success
  • Empathy to be seen as a real skill
  1. Highlights as a topic.?

  • Role with family, friends, strangers,
  • How to be a good leader
  • Staff retention as a money saver
  • How empathy helps with being a good leader and a good boss - helps with staff retention, that cuts costs.