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Cheryll Bird

1. What is your name, background and interest with training empathy?

Cheryll Bird, CPE supervisor, casual academic, working on professional doctorate in the area. empathy training for young adults that has to have an assessable component.


  2. What are your ideas for forming an International Empathy Trainers Association?

On line is good, sub groups may be useful. perhaps counties or regions or specialty interests.

A conference occasionally, again on line.  Have seen that done.

Moderated Web page that is a Wiki so different groups could be given permission to contribute their page.

Closed discussion area is good. Have seen too many discussions taken over by angry people.


3. What sort of support do you need from IETA?

Someone to talk to, resource lists ( papers, books, web pages, associations)  Discussions, creative ideas to build.

4. How would you like to contribute of building the Association?

This question would be easier if we had a list of things that need to be done so we could sign up for tasks.

5. What questions do you have for others on the list?

Who are you? What have you been thinking about, experimenting with, researching?

Stories of what has worked and what didn’t and your reflections.  Stories of building empathy.

6. Will you be able to attend some planning and design meetings?

As long as I don’t need to use web cam I can get up at 2AM Sunday morning for the 28th.  Having said that the group may be full already. Hard to tell.


What dates and times are good for you?

Thursday and Saturday my time not good and some Fridays (have committee meetings and research colloquium.

7. Other Comments?

And idea whose time has come and the web has made it possible.