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Empathic Inquiry

We could us this process is some meetings. Ideas are sorted into Buckets -  see example of process

  • Problems

  • Data

  • Concerns

  • Solutions

Problem: Low participation in meeting


  • Why did the participation go from 10 per meeting to 3?

    • Holidays

    • Have an agenda sent prior to the call

    • Have 2 Co-Facilitators for each call, so both have an opportunity to connect and co-create it.

    • Do we need a core practice?

    • Could be summer and everyone is on holiday.

  • Could be Two types of participants

    • Just Curious and wanting to learn empathy

    • Professionals who are already teaching

  • Possible Participants are unclear and are asking, “What’s is this group and meeting about and what’s going to happen in the meeting?”

Possible Solutions

  • Create a core team

  • Create clarity on what’s happening.

  • Have a clear agenda

  • Have a recap and milestones - things are moving forward

  • Have intentions for call

  • Do a survey (use a Google Form - FREE! :) .

    • What are your needs

    • What category do you fit in

      • Groups - buckets

      • Action steps

      • I’m busy

      • How to do marketing?

    • How do we teach empathy?

How might we raise participation?

  • How might we take on ownership and responsibility

  • Shared facilitation

What is it like to facilitate?

Everyone will be able to empathize with the facilitator. experience.

Michael enjoys the exploration of the definition or meaning of empathy.

For him it is essential that the meaning of empathy that the group is presenting to the public is one that he can believe in and stand behind.

  • Add empathic listening

  • Add felt sense

  • Exploring the concept of imaginative empathy to replace cognitive empathy

Definition of empathy

  • Is an emergent process

  • personal experience - where was a moment


  • A living document

  • Empathy in business

Role of Association

  • Create a overall model or container

    • Core team holds the value: empathy

    • Incubator space and values

    • Sub committees/ projects

    • Buckets

    • Emergences

Organization Structure

  • Dynamic governance

    • Circle of circles

    • A values circle

  • Authority/ responsibility

From Kathy

It is amazing how you have started to build this association through collaborative online gatherings. I am not sure it has ever been done!

I do know from my experience when the focusing oriented therapists association ( or org) was starting, there was an attempt at collaboration which eventually bogged down and eventually one person took on the responsibility and really got the website up and functioning.

I am glad you have started us off with a website that is already functioning well enough!

If you want another form of collaboration, you could consider starting a Google doc, with a paragraph from Wikipedia giving a general description, for Mission Statement (you could pick up on the one that

Lou already started and some of us already commented), Vision Statement, Agreements, and the Profile page you already started, where I suggested including Interest Areas, and then allow in as editors perhaps only everyone who has participated in one of the Google hangouts for organizing the association.

It would be another way for us to find out who we are and what we want. For instance, if I wrote that the vision was to have listening and focusing training in every school in five or 10 years, it might be clear to others that they have totally different visions or purposes.

You would make it clear that we are doing this in order to get to know each other and our wants and needs better, and that, eventually, some small group who is willing to put in the time would take these documents and try to polish them into a coherent statement.

Just an idea, but I am full of ideas with out knowing all of the detail work that it takes to accomplish them!

Once again, I would work on Lou's document but I don't know how to find it! I would hope all the relevant documents could be at the website address in someway.

Just an idea! It looks like participation in the hangouts is suddenly down, maybe because everyone is on summer vacation or maybe because that need has been met. I do think that you and Parth could accomplish a lot just the two of you.  He seemed full of ideas and actual experience.