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How might we build a mutually supportive Empathy Trainers Association?

Meeting 2:
June 8th, 10am to 12pm (PST Pacific Time)

YouTube Video

  1. Kathleen Carroll
  2. Natalija Vrečer

  3. Parth Savla


From the June 8th IETA meeting.

In the interview of MICHAEL SHEELY 
a pain point/problem arose that we talked about and brainstormed on as a group.. Post any ideas about solutions to this problem. I've structured this conversation along the lines of the human-centered design process.

Empathy Interview:
As a empathy trainer, Michael said, ' I want to know how to touch and reach those people who say: Can you really train empathy? You have to be careful with too much empathy! 

I want to create a common understanding of what empathy means. The word empathy is not being useful to connect with some people. Too much time is spent on what it is and isn’t, if it is good or bad, rather than learning the skills. The word is confusing for a lot of people. We are wasting our precious time arguing about the word. We need to understand each other, we need connection, we need to acknowledge how we are all in this together.'

Problem/Pain Insight: 

lack of common understanding of what empathy means causes confusion and disconnection.


Feelings:  confusion, disconnection,

Met Need:

Unmet Needs: understanding, clarity, connection.


HMW: How might we create a common and clear understanding of what empathy is so that we can better connect with people?


Ideation: Brainstorming Solution Ideas
Here are some ideas that came up so far in the group, add your own.


*  Michael will lead a workshop on creating a common and clear understanding of what empathy is.

* We can hear each others definitions.

* Everyone write out their definition and bring their written definitions to the workshop.

* Create a definitions wiki.
see the definitions section of the Empathy Training Literature Review and Wiki   

* Use Empathic Inquiry to hold a workshop on coming up with a common definition.

Empathic Inquiry (Dynamic Inquiry) is a empathy based group process practiced by Rosa Zubizarreta.


* Creating a definition would be an ongoing work in progress. Don't get it too fixed and ridged.


 * It should not just be a definition but ways of experiencing empathy.

* Meet people where they are with their definition.


*  Demonstrate and have the experiences of empathy not just a dry written definition.

*  Have a video of people experiencing empathy. See peoples facial experience as they feel deep empathy.



 How might we

* How might we create deep empathy feelings and experiences?
* How might we create an easy way to communicate the experience of empathy?