Many members of the Emerald Coast Cyclists enjoy off-road riding as well as road riding.  Some of the areas we frequent include both single-track and dirt roads.  Links to some of our favorite off-road riding areas are below.  Please keep in mind that many of these areas are subject to flooding during heavy rainfall.

Local Off-Road Areas

Pine Log State Forest

Point Washington State Forest

Rattlesnake Loop

            The Rattlesnake dirt road ride begins and ends at the first stop sign on Ranger Camp Road.  It consists of about 28 miles of red dirt, followed by 10 paved miles.

Red Bay Dirt Road Ride

The Red Bay dirt road rides begin and end at Red Bay Grocery.  The routes are made up of a combination of paved and dirt roads.  The dirt roads are primarily hard-packed and packed full of hills!  The following map consists of a 60 mile route with several shorter alternative routes embedded.

Timberlake Dirt Road Ride

The Timberlake dirt road provides an out and back up to a distance of 40 miles of raw red clay dirt.  Parking is just off Lewis Turner Blvd at Timberlake, up the road from Ranger Camp Road.

Timberlake Trails at Ranger Camp Road

Timberlake Trails provides up to a 15 mile distance of mostly single-track trails for mountain biking.  Parking for mountain biking is at Ranger Camp Road, just off Lewis Turner Blvd, or just up the road at Timberlake.

An annual "Range Pass" is required to ride anywhere on Ranger Camp Road or Timberlake.  See the PACELINE Newsletter for details about getting a pass or look on the left-hand side of this webpage for the heading "Range Pass".

University of West Florida (UWF) Trails

The UWF Trails are part of the University's campus in Pensacola, FL.  The trails are very well maintained by the Pensacola mountain bike club, Pensacola Off-Road Cyclists (PORC).  The best source of information for these trails is the PORC website:

Other Off-Road Areas


Oak Mountain