About ECC

The Emerald Coast Cyclists cycling club was started over 25 years ago in 1988.  If you have visited our area then you have an idea of how the name of our club originated.  Being along the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear green waters of the Emerald Coast, it's hard to imagine a better club name.  As of 2014, our club has grown to approximately 120 members and accrues new members steadily.

We have meetings throughout the year where we get together to visit with friends and learn about some aspect of cycling.  Our club is a non-profit organization, but just as with many organizations, the club votes new officers and board members at the end of every year that drive the club's activities.  To view this year's board members scroll down the left-hand side of the screen.
We have an insured club ride every Saturday morning and time trials throughout the year; road time trials in the summer and mountain bike time trials in the winter.  We also have several other annual events.  The purpose of our club is to promote cycling in our community by offering rides that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle in a safe group environment.  Our goal is to expand our club by inspiring the community to ride their bicycles.  We strive to offer rides to accommodate riders of all skill levels and keep our name in the community by actively getting involved with cycling-related events.
Our club consists of road riders, mountain bikers and triathletes of all skill levels so you're likely to find a group ride that meets your cycling needs.  Living on the Emerald Coast allows us to ride regularly along the Gulf of Mexico and other bodies of water making for some picturesque rides.  We also ride in various parts of North Florida through the country where there is less roadway traffic and a lot more hills!  We are probably the only bike club that has a ride to a place called Britton Hill, the highest point in Florida!  The climb itself is so gentle that most people do not realize they have just reached the top of Florida, a dizzying height of 345 feet above sea level.
Another favorite place we like to ride is Ranger Camp Road.  Ranger Camp Road is part of the Eglin AFB reservation where an annual pass is required.  Cyclists favorite this area because it is centrally located to many of the member's homes and jobs and especially because it's safer to ride than typical roadways.  We are uniquely lucky to have this road accessible to us that allows us to ride up to 38 miles on a smooth, paved surface with almost no traffic.  There are also plenty of trails for mountain biking, commonly known as Timberlake Trails.  Ranger Camp Road really is the most popular spot for riders to congregate.  See the PACELINE Newsletter for details about getting a pass or visit our Club Rides page.


Mission Statement

Emerald Coast Cyclists is a cycling club that promotes cycling in our local community and around the state of Florida simply for fitness, fun and friendship!  We are a diverse group of cyclists that includes not only "roadies", but off-road enthusiasts and triathletes.  We encourage riders of all ages and skill levels to help us promote cycling in our state by getting on their bicycles and adopting our healthy, active lifestyle.  We strive to offer rides to accommodate all riders, regardless of skill level, and provide a safe group riding environment by hosting paceline clinics and discussing bicycle safety on a regular basis.