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ODROID-X2 (Exynos4412)

1.7GHz Exynos4 Quad Development Platform

ODROID-X2 open development platform is based on Exynos4412 Prime 1.7GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core with 2GB memory. Enjoy PC-like performance.


* Low-cost development platform
* 1.7GHz Quad core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore
* 2GB Memory
* 6 x High speed USB2.0 Host port
* 10/100Mbps Ethernet with RJ-45 LAN Jack
* Android 4.x & Ubuntu BSP
* Community-driven projects & supports

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You might need optional accessories. Please check optional accessories from the below. Recommend items are 5V2A Adapator, eMMC Module and HDMI cable. You need to add all items to one cart to purchase them together. 


Processor Samsung Exynos4412 Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.7Ghz with 1MB L2 cache
Memory 2GB LP-DDR2 880Mega data rate
3D Accelerator Mali-400 Quad Core 440MHz (http://limadriver.org/ open source driver)
Video supports 1080p via HDMI cable(H.264+AAC based MP4 container format)
Video Out micro HDMI connector / RGB-24bit LCD interface port
Audio Standard 3.5mm headphone jack and microphone jack
HDMI Digital
LAN 10/100Mbps Ethernet with RJ-45 Jack ( Auto-MDIX support) 
USB2.0 Host  High speed standard A type connector x 6 ports
USB2.0 Device  ADB/Mass storage(Micro USB)
UART System console monitoring for development (1.8volt interface)
IO PORTs 50pin IO expansion port for LCD/I2C/UART/SPI/ADC/GPIO interfaces
Display (Option) HDMI monitor / LCD panel with RGB or LVDS interface
Storage (Option) Full size SDHC Card Slot
eMMC module socket
Camera (Option)

MIPI-CAM connector (MIPI-CSI 2 lanes)

Power (Option)

5V 2A Power

System Software u-boot 2010.12, Kernel 3.0.15, Android4.0.x(ICS)
Source code will be uploaded on download page after first shipment.
Size  90 x 94 mm

CPU Module 1.7GHz Exynos4412 Prime Quad Core CPU module
Eposy molded on base board 
and not detachable
LAN/USB Hub LAN9514 4-port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub and 10/100 Ethernet controllers from SMSC
Audio CODEC MAX98090 is a full-featured and high performance audio CODEC from MAXIM
DC/DC Converter RP505K331B for 3.3Volt system power supply from RICOH
Level shifter FXMA2102L8X for I2C/UART/HDMI voltage translator from Fairchild semiconductor
Camera (Option) S5KECGMIPI 2-Lane camera interface on rear side from Samsung
Board to Board connector for CPU board and Application board from Uju Electronics
HDMI Standard Micro-HDMI, supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution
IO Port

50pin 2,54mm pitch box-header connector.
Interface signals for LCD-RGB, PWM, ADC, SPI, I2C, UART and GPIO

DC Input 5V / 2A input, Plug specification is inner diameter 0.8mm and outer diameter 2.5mm