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HummingBoard-i2eX (i.MX6)


HummingBoard-i2eX expands the capabilities of the HummingBoard family with many advanced features and connectivity options such as PCIe, mSATA, Internal USB ports, RTC support and much more.

System On Chip i.MX6 Dual
Core Count 2
Memory size 1GB
Memory Config 64 bit, 1GB @ 1066Mbps
GPU GC2000
3D GPU Type OpenGL ES1.1,2.0 Quad Shader
Video Engine Multi format video decoder and encoder
HDMI 1080p with CEC 1.4, 3D support
LVDS Display Out
MIPI CSI 2.0 Camera 2 Lane CSI-2
Wired Network 10/100/1000 *
PCI-Express Gen 2
Powered USB 2.0 2
Powered Internal USB 2.0 2
UHS-1 Micro SD interface
RTC with backup battery Battery provided separately
Coax SPDIF audio out
Audio Out Analog Stereo out and MIC In
Infra Red Remote Control Receive
GPIO header UART, 8 GPIO, SPI with 2 CS, I2C **