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HummingBoard i2 (i.MX6 DualLite)


HummingBoard-i2 comes with double the processing power and double the RAM of the i1

System On Chip i.MX6 Dual Lite
Core Count 2
Memory size 1GB
Memory Config 64 bit, 1GB @ 800Mbps
3D GPU Type OpenGL ES1.1,2.0
Video Engine Multi format video decoder and encoder
HDMI 1080p with CEC 1.4, 3D support
LVDS Display Out
MIPI CSI 2.0 Camera 2 Lane CSI-2
Wired Network 10/100
PCI-Express Gen 2
Powered USB 2.0 2
Powered Internal USB 2.0
UHS-1 Micro SD interface
RTC with backup battery
Coax SPDIF audio out
Audio Out PWM Mono output
Infra Red Remote Control Receive
GPIO header UART, 8 GPIO, SPI with 2 CS, I2C **