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Allwinnwer A31


Allwinner is falling trough the basket, they lost their honour.


Allwinner A31 kernel source code released

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Looks like Allwinner want to live up to their name and has finally decided to release the source code for their latest quad core solution A31. Hopefully this move will push others chip makers to do the same so we all can take advantage of the open source movement and finally have more freedoms even coming from China.

Below is the press release via online translate:

In order to comply with the GPL, Allwinnner announced the the A31 kernel source code.
Rhombus Tech open source repository (GIT Repository) download. Although the source code is not useful for the average user, but for kernel developers, they can begin to examine the kernel of the A31, and make the Root Brush Pack.

From the A10, Chi to open kernel source code holds the attitude of the Open (open source) to a large developer community, many open-source community have also introduced a simple development board to facilitate lovers secondary development.

If you are interested, then the the A31 kernel source code can be downloaded open source warehouse in Rhombus Tech.

1. A31 U-boot "allwinner-sunxi-a31"

2. A31 Linux 3.3 kernel source "allwinner-sunxi-a31"

A31 development board provided by third-party partners Zhuorui century