Technoetic TET-N150 USB Wifi adapter

Tehnoetic wireless adapter for GNU/Linux-libre (TET-N150)

Pricerange: €25.00 Shipping: gratis in EU

The Tehnoetic wireless network adapter TET-N150 respects your freedom, meaning you can connect to wireless networks using only free software. This is because the integrated circuit of this adapter is Atheros AR9271, one of the few circuits in the world able to connect to wireless networks by exlusively using free software. Please read our answers to the frequently asked questions.

Both the driver and the firmware of this adapter are free under the GNU GPL v2 license and thus you can use it with a completely free GNU/Linux distribution, which has the kernel Linux-libre, clean of the nonfree blobs from Linux. Using the latest versions of the kernel (3.0 or later), the adapter works out of the box when plugging it on USB, and you don't have to manually install the firmware anymore.

Because the firmware is free, you can study it and check what exactly it's doing. Moreover, you can modify the way the adapter works, so it can be an important resource for educational experiments or for your business. With the Tehnoetic TET-N150 adapter, your are in control of your own computer for connecting to wireless networks too.

Buy it for your laptop! You have a laptop with a wireless card which doesn't work with free software or it's broken. Plug the Tehnoetic TET-N150 in an USB port and connect to Internet. It's so small, you will forget that it's there!

Buy it for your desktop! You have a dektop computer and want to get rid of the wires. Plug the Tehnoetic TET-N150 in an USB port and connect to Internet. You get rid of the wire and you continue to use free software.

Buy it for your development board! You have a development board or an embedded device without an integrated chip for connecting to wireless networks or with one which doesn't work with free software. Plug the Thenoetic TET-N150 in an USB port and control your device remotely (also through Internet).

This adapter is produced by Unex and it is sold by Tehnoetic under its own brand, as a warranty that the integrated circuit works with free software.