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ExSOM-4412 is a full featured System on Module that integrates all the core components of a Single Board Module and can be mounted onto an application specific base board. It has the HOWCHIP standardized form factor of 70mm x 70mm and specified pin outs based on the high speed 230-pin MxM connector and provides the functional requirements for all kinds of embedded applications.


  Key Features of ExSOM-4412 
          - Powered by Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad Core CPU
          - High Speed Ethernet(10/100Mbps)
          - Display Interface: 
                          . HDMI(1080p) for TV
                          . LVDS for TFT LCD: up to Full HD with LVDS 2 ch at 24-bit interface, 18-bit interface
          - Camera Interface: Parallel 2 ch.
          - Audio interface: Line in/out  and Headphone out.
          - USB 2.0 Host 4 ch and OTG
          - Built-in eMMC device up to 8GB
          - Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Module
          - SD/SDIO interface for External storage
          - Configurable GPIOs, Analog inputs, PWMs and Serial interfaces such as I2Cs, SPIs,  and UARTs
          - PCB Size: 70mm x 70mm

   1. ExSOM-4412 Product Brief download
   2. ExSOM-4412 Specification download

BUY: $99.00

   Development Kit (ExSOM-4412-DVK)

    A Development Kit as a reference design is provided for customers to develop their own end-product.
    And it works as a Android/Linux computer as it is.
  - Main Board(SOM module): ExSOM-4412,  Datasheet is available.

  - Baseboard 
    Nano ITX form factor (120mm x 120mm) with all interface connectors that ExSOM-4412 provides.
    Schematic & CAD file is available.
  - System Software: Android 4.0.4 with Kernel 3.0.x, Full Source code is available.

   Custom Design Service

  As an Echo-System Partner of Samsung Exynos processor, HOWCHIP.COM  provides development and consulting services on a variety of embedded platforms with ExSOM series. You can profit from our rich experience in embedded platform development to achieve your time-to-market goal and reduce development cost and risks.

BUY: $199.00