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Ubuntu USB install sticks

Let the stick madness begin:

Making a stick that works to install Lubuntu on an Acer Aspire One ZG5

Flashing lubuntu-16.04-desktop-i386.iso Adata 4GB, 8GB, Emtec 8GB

with Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator   FAILED does not boot can't load kernel. 'help' menu exists but does not boot
with Unetbootin                                  Seems ok but unable to boot
with dd
with mkusb                                          Boot menu works, however, it does not boot as LiveCD, and when trying to install Lubuntu then at first boot,  a bunch of DMA errors stop the show.

Now I never used mkusb before and it has a few documented but bad explained options.  Note that you need 'universe' enabled when installing mkusb on a 12.04 system.

But really...  4 options and avey, VERY standard 32 bit machine and you need to jump trough this many hoops and still fail to have a working machine.  Not sure why this is happening to me but this is NOT a good start for Lubuntu 16.04

Above options all created from a 64bit Ubuntu-gnome 12.04 machine. Maybe that is the problem but still a HUGE fail.

At this point i don't even want to know how to make a  stick to install Lubuntu with EFI on a Asus X205TA

Lexar 4GB, DaneElec 2GB