Low Power Industrial Computer w/ 2GB Flash and GPS Radio

TS-7670 Front View Angled

TS-7670 Side View

TS-7670 Front View

TS-7670 Rear View

Lifecycle: New Product Introduction
Release Date: March 2014

Available Features

  • 454 MHz ARM Freescale i.MX286
  • 128 or 256 MB RAM
  • 2 GB Flash Storage
  • Multi-constellation GPS Radio
  • GPRS/HSPA+ Cellular Daughter Card
  • 802.11b/g/n Wireless USB Module
  • 2x microSD Sockets
  • Low Power Sleep Mode (< 10 mW)
  • 0.60 W Idle, 1.30 W Load
  • 8 to 28 VDC Power Supply Input
  • -40 °C to 85 °C Industrial Temps More info
  • 1x 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • 1x USB Host
  • 2x RS-232 Ports
  • 1x RS-485/Modbus Serial Port
  • 2x CAN Bus
  • 4x Digital Input/Output
  • High Precision Real Time Clock
  • Debian Wheezy Linux (Kernel 2.6.36)

Additional Information

TS-7670 with TS-ENC767 Open Enclosure

TS-7670 with TS-ENC767 Side View

TS-7670 with TS-ENC767 Angle View
TS-7670 with TS-ENC767 Angle View

TS-7670 with TS-ENC767 Front View

TS-7670 with SMA Connector
TS-7670 with TS-ENC767 SMA Connector

The TS-7670 is a low cost and low power SBC with GPS radio. It utilizes the Freescale i.MX286 ARM926EJ-S core that is clocked at 454 MHz. It is available with 128MB or 256MB of DDR2 RAM. A low cost enclosure with optional DIN mount is available.

Hardware Description

The TS-7670 is a small SBC that is designed to provide extreme performance for applications which demand high reliability, fast bootup/startup, and connectivity at low cost and low power, such as fleet vehicle or asset tracking, point-of-sales (PoS), vending machines, data acquisition units, data recorder modules, etc. Additional TS-7670 specifications include:

  • Full Industrial temperature range
  • 2GB soldered down NAND flash
  • Data redundancy via dual removable SD cards and Doublestore software technology
  • Temperature compensated RTC with less than ±5 ppm clock drift
  • CPU speed can be adjusted on the fly between 451 MHz to 261 MHz
  • 1x USB serial device for console

Software Description

The TS-7670 ships with Linux kernel version 2.6.35 and Debian Wheezy preinstalled. Other software features include:

  • UBIFS filesystem preinstalled on NAND flash. The successor to JFFS2 which provides faster mounting, quicker access to large files, and improved write speeds. UBIFS improves upon JFFS2's on-the-fly compression, recoverability and power fail tolerance.
  • Sleep mode requiring around 10 mW of power, with the ability to wake up after an arbitrary timeout with a 1 s resolution or at the press of the reset button
  • Standby mode which consumes 180 mW, and can wake and resume execution in as little as 250 ms
  • Boot time from power on to BusyBox shell is 4.5 s from SD card and 5.8 s from NAND

Buy: $129