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16-17.12.2014 JMG meeting in Tallinn

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On December 16, 2014. representatives of the project partners will visit the e-Estonia  showroom and each partner will present their results, their Democenters and focus, e-solutions , demoversions and lessons learnt from the project.
On December 17,2014 project partners will have a brainstorming session on future perspectives, plans and projects partners could continue working on.

19.11.2014 St.Petersburg Democenter presented e-services on waste management

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On November 19, 2014 at the site of the St.Petersburg Democenter took place a workshop on e-document circulation and submitting e-reports using web portal solutions and e-services in the field of waste management. The seminar was attended by representatives of various organizations working in waste management system. Participants were presented online portal "Waste Exchange" on the basis of which implemented e-services for submitting reports.

18.11.2014 Young innovators visited St. Petersburg Democenter

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On November 18, 2014 St. Petersburg Democenter was visited by students from St. Petersburg State University of Economics, one of the largest universities in Russia and the leader in the sphere of the economic education.
Young innovators were shown the venues and the unique demonstration zone, which contains the main innovative solutions and products of the St. Petersburg IT sector. Specialists of the European-Russian Partnership gave a brief overview of current and completed projects, and expressed confidence in further cooperation with young IT specialists.

17.11.2014 "Baltic ICT Platform" was presented for finnish ICT specialist

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On November, 17 within the final seminar the finnish-russian project «IMU – Integrated Multilingual E-services for Business Communication» in St. Petersburg Democenter were held presentation of last results of project "Baltic ICT Platform".
Participants discussed not only the results of projeсt IMU, but also the future plans, including possible collaboration in the field of ICT-innovations with democenters network.
The seminar was attended representatives of University of Helsinki, St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre, Promaco Public Relations Ltd, SpeechPro LLC and developers of mobile applications and portal solutions.

14-15.11.2014 «Baltic ICT Platform» within the event «RIGA COMM»

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On November, 14-15 partners have presented the results of their cooperation in the framework of the project «Baltic ICT Platform» in Riga within the event «RIGA COMM».

IT Fair «Riga COMM» is an annual event for IT service and manufacturing industries, leaders of national authorities and ICT professionals, where they get to know the most current products from ICT service providers and product developers in the Baltics and foreign countries, consult with knowledgeable professionals and collectively choose the most appropriate solutions for their business or organization in one place. RIGA COMM is the only information and communication technology exhibition and conference in the Baltics.

Planned events of the "Baltic ICT-platform" project

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Planned events of the “Baltic ICT-platform” project implementation final stage
Within the working meetings of project partners during SPIIF 2014 action plan of further events was highlighted on the final stage of the project implementation, including:
- Project presentation on Baltic Information Technology Fair and Innovation Conference «RIGA_COMM 2014», which takes place on November, 14th-15th  in Kipsala International Exhibition Centre (Riga),You can see agenda here;
- Project partners work meeting in Tallinn on December, 16th - where project implementation results would be summed up;
- Project presentation within events organized by Project partners and operated Demo Centres.

"Baltic ICT-platform" project events in the framework of SPIIF 2014

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In October 2014 VII Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum (SPIIF) was held, supported by Government of the city of St. Petersburg. Representatives of the “Baltic ICT-platform” project took active part in the Forum congress programme. Partner organizations presented information about the project, its results and outputs on 2 stands and organized 3 events.

«E-contact show» seminar was held by Non-for-profit Partnership North-West Funding Service Centre which was aimed at matchmaking between representatives of ITC companies, venture investors, financial organizations in Russia, Estonia and Latvia. 
2 trainings were organized by St. Petersburg Democenter – «Innovation solutions promotion in the field of ICT technologies. E-services development as a tool for efficient cooperation».
European-Russian InnoPartnership presented the project and Demo Centers Nnetwork in a form of a stand «St. Petersburg Global Partners», initiated by the Committee on External Relations of St. Petersburg aimed at development of international cooperation between St. Petersburg and partner cities and regions. 

Saint-Petersburg International Innovation Forum is one of the most important congress and exhibition events, and the Forum format stays the same for many years – it unifies the congress Programme and innovative companies, projects, institutes on innovative development and investment funds exhibition.

17-19.09.2014 Joint management group meeting “Baltic ICT Platform”

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17-19th of September in Tartu has passed a number of events including:
Joint management group meeting “Baltic ICT Platform” on base of Tartu Science Park
Baltic Dynamics 2014 Opening event in Tartu City Hall
Baltic Dynamics 2014 conference, part 1 (program)
Baltic Dynamics 2014 conference, part 2 (progam)

Additional information:
Vaido Mikheim, Project Manager, Phone: +372 5309 5906,

The comprehensive training on the basis of St. Petersburg Democenter

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The comprehensive training "Information systems marketing. Promotion of public e-services as an effective instrument for communication, business and society" was held on the basis of St. Petersburg Democenter.

The subject of the training was devoted to the phenomena of the information society, specialized information systems marketing, innovation products promotion, and popularization instruments for electronic government services among the citizens.This event brought together on the platform of St. Petersburg Democenter representatives of state executive bodies, St. Petersburg  ICT cluster specialists, as well as experts from institutions of higher education in St. Petersburg.

The first part of the training was devoted to theoretical aspects of the ICT impact on modern business and the information society to the knowledge society transformation. The most important developmental milestones of the information society were also considered, such as: the phenomena of personal computing, open communications, cooperative technology, and social interactions.
In the second part of the event the specificity of marketing information systems and the issues of promoting innovations in the framework of the future CBC programs ENI 2014-2020 were presented . All the stages of the project implementation were analyzed in detail: the logic of project preparation, goals, schedule, budget, expected results and indicators.

During the discussion participants considered practical aspects of application filling for CBC program ENI 2014-2020 and shared experience.

20.06.2014 - 21.04.2014 Student competition «OpenPiterMobile»

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At 21 of April, 2014 at the site of the St. Petersburg Democenter was launch-seminar of student competition «OpenPiterMobile». The competition is designed for mobile application development with using of St. Petersburg Government open data. During 2 months, the participating teams had to be developed and introduced a mobile application that uses the St. Petersburg public data. Two months later, on 20th of June 2014, St. Petersburg Democenter hosted the  «OpenPiterMobile» semifinals and final, which presented the developed mobile applications.

competition sponsored by MicroSoft Russia and EMC Russia.

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