About project

Duration: 36 months
Implementation period: 01.01.2012-31.12.2014
Total budget: 1 625 080,00 EUR
Programme co-financing: 1461985 EUR (89,96%)
Project co-financing: 163095 EUR (10,04%)

The Project objective is to set up the effective network of Demo Centres in cooperating regions in order to increase the usage of modern ICT technologies by governments of cooperating regions to serve businesses and citizens locally and in cross-border areas.

Analyses of the level of usage Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on governmental level is relatively low from Russian side and on a good realization stage in Estonia and Latvia. Even accounting that Russian Federation is working hard to implement ICT to the governmental services the gap is pretty big. As one of results, we can see huge queues of the trucks on Russian-Estonian border. The same situation is with other neighboring countries. There are a number of reasons of this problem but lack of ICT common tools is one of them.

The role of ICT is continuously growing up in different spheres of the economic and social life. Both EU and Russia are paying strong attention to ICT development. One of the priorities of Russia is to introduce the large number of governmental services in electronic form. Good example is Federal Law 94, which regulates public procurement system requiring the usage of ICT tools for dissemination of the information, as well as electronic auctions, etc. Meanwhile, still most of governmental services are provided in traditional way.

From European side, experience of Estonia and Latvia is clear demonstrating the advantages of eGovernance for the economy of these countries as well as huge satisfaction of the citizens from easy access services. The Project will be mainly focusing on setting up the efficient cooperation between professional bodies in order to transfer the experience on ICT tools for eGovernance services.