Baltic ICT Platform (ELRI-121 project)

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 about the project:
Baltic ICT Platform project has been initiated within Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program . It is focused on development of cross-border services and sustainable network of e-Government centers of excellence – Demo centers.

The Project contributes to promotion of positive experience of the Project Partners in implementation of e-Government initiatives. It also allows to analyze practices of Estonia, Latvia and Russia in the field of e-services and ensures efficient cooperation in cross-border regions. 

The Project enhances the efficiency of service delivery in the public sector. It  provides base to form public and social services for foreign citizens and organizations in program regions. 

Baltic ICT Platform project is implemented by public authorities and non-profit organizations in the ICT sector of Russia, Estonia and Latvia. 


Elena Kuznetsova, President, 

North-West Funding Service Centre

Tel.: +7 812 712 65 44, Tel./fax: +7 812 712 65 46,,


  • 16-17.12.2014 JMG meeting in Tallinn On December 16, 2014. representatives of the project partners will visit the e-Estonia  showroom and each partner will present their results, their Democenters and focus, e-solutions , demoversions ...
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  • 19.11.2014 St.Petersburg Democenter presented e-services on waste management On November 19, 2014 at the site of the St.Petersburg Democenter took place a workshop on e-document circulation and submitting e-reports using web portal solutions and e ...
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  • 18.11.2014 Young innovators visited St. Petersburg Democenter On November 18, 2014 St. Petersburg Democenter was visited by students from St. Petersburg State University of Economics, one of the largest universities in Russia and the leader in the ...
    Отправлено 20 нояб. 2014 г., 06:39 пользователем Olga Kroutchinina
  • 17.11.2014 "Baltic ICT Platform" was presented for finnish ICT specialist On November, 17 within the final seminar the finnish-russian project «IMU – Integrated Multilingual E-services for Business Communication» in St. Petersburg Democenter were held presentation of last results of ...
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  • 14-15.11.2014 «Baltic ICT Platform» within the event «RIGA COMM» On November, 14-15 partners have presented the results of their cooperation in the framework of the project «Baltic ICT Platform» in Riga within the event «RIGA COMM».IT Fair ...
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