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Integrity – Responsibility – Respect – Discipline – Faith

Teamwork – Effort – Ambition – Confidence – Humility

1)         NO ALCOHOL, DRUGS, SMOKING or TOBACCO PRODUCTS are allowed on the

            Elevation Training Center property AT ANY TIME.

2)         Please use Appropriate Language at All Times.

3)         Consuming of FOOD OR DRINK is NOT ALLOWED in the DORM ROOMS

4)         Please REMOVE HIKING BOOTS/SHOES before entering the Building.  Shoes, Sandals or other             Footwear must be worn at all times, inside or out.

5)         Please put TRASH in the TRASH CANS.   NO TRASH inside or outside.

6)         REPORT any DAMAGES or MALFUNCTIONS immediately to the Manager.

7)         SAVE ENERGY! - Please turn LIGHTS OFF when not in use.

8)         CONSERVE RESOURCES! - Please don't waste paper products and make sure faucets are off.


P.O. Box 47   100 S. Dewey St.
Victor, CO  80860
Phone: 719-689-5547
Mobile: 720-394-5257

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