Getting There:

The key is exit 245 from I-35.   From this exit turn South a short distance then left about a quarter mile. Turn right just past the large fiberglass buffalo and continue on to the camp check in house on the right.

If you are coming up I-35 check out the DOT construction web site for the status of projects.  There is a replacement project affecting the north bound lane just west of the exit you need to take (245). 

If you are coming from  the north by way of Hwy 33 through Cloquet, the above direction applies.

If you are coming from the north down Midway Road, get on I-35  southbound and go west about one mile exiting at # 245 then  left (south) a short way then left again.  Turn right just past the Buffalo on your right.

Coming from Wisconsin, use either the I- 535/53 Bridge (my recommend)  or the Hwy 2 bridge out of Superior.  In either case get on I-35 southbound and proceed to exit 245 then turn left a short way , then left again and right just past the buffalo.

Do not try to use the Oliver Bridge “back way”  from Wisconsin or the Hwy 23 “back way” from Minnesota. 


Pot Luck 5:30 Friday Evening, Music to Follow:

As with all pot lucks this group does, there is  NO  dish sign up required. A pot of chili and a pot of wild rice soup will be provided.  Make your favorite pot luck dish, be it main course, salad, or desert.  If you were unaware of the pot luck activity and are unprepared, grocery stores have potato salad,  cheese, fruit,  and chip items that are always welcome.  Most importantly, COME even if all you have to bring is your empty plate…….someone has to eat all those deserts.

As always bring your own table service,  those cheap paper plates and flimsy spoons are never big enough or strong enough.

Activities updates:

Jay Cooke State Park is closed due to the June Flood damage.  However, it is possible to view some of the effects of the flood from the area of the parking lot of the UMD Kayak Training Center located on the west side of the Hwy 210 bridge.  This is a construction zone so avoid the area during working hours.  This general area can also be gotten to  from the Willard Munger trail accessed from Hwy 210 near the junction with Hwy 1.  Check with us for more  details.

The southern section of the Skyline Drive is closed. This is essentially the section from Spirit Mt. Recreation area south to Becks Road.

At the northern end of Skyline Drive (well north of Hawks Ridge), Seven Bridges Road is closed.

The Lake Superior Zoo is open in spite of sustaining some of the most notable damage in the June floods.

The status of the Willard Munger walking/biking trail in the vicinity of the Buffalo House is uncertain. It is presently listed as closed between Jay Cook and Duluth.  Whether that means CLOSED! or closed as an advisory for  trail condition legal safety  issues , we don’t  know.  You can likely get on it at the Buffalo House but  how far you can go east and west  is unclear.  The other bike routes are open and there is always the Lake Walk.


Craft Day / Bread Making:

Following the successful Bemidji gathering several people were interested in learning how to make the bread that was served as toast the previous mornings.  It was suggested that a bread making activity be included as an option at the Duluth gathering this September.  This activity would occupy most of a day though not continuously. The various “rising” steps leave considerable down time in between.  Barb Collins has generously offered to do an origami activity which is no doubt more interesting than folding (kneading) bread.  Those who wish can move from bread making to paper folding and back again as the bread needs kneading.  If the dough rises to the occasion, there will be lots of bread for toast Friday morning and the pot luck Friday evening.

If you are interested in this activity please bring your largest mixing bowl and two dollars.  I will provide all the ingredients and the Buffalo House will provide the ovens and work space.

Air Show:

The web site for the air show is www.duluthairshow.com  .    Many of your questions can be answered there.  One item we wish point out is the availability of tickets at the advanced ticket price at Menard’s stores in “ Minnesota and NW Wisconsin.  We were told at our local Menard’s store that this price will be available through Friday, September 21st.  There are 3 Menard’s in the local area.  If you are not sure about your attendance at the air show, you should  be able to get discount tickets  close to the event……or so we’ve been told.