Road Construction Info:

The Mega Project  in Duluth is complete.  However there are some road construction projects that may affect us.

  • ·         The southbound lane of the I-535 / 53 Blatnick High Bridge is closed. Use the hwy 2  (Bong bridge) to go to Superior.
  • ·         Becks road has been closed for some time and we assume will not be open in September. This road is the” back way”  to the Buffalo House from Wisconsin and MN 23.
  • ·         Hwy 210 in Jay Cook State park is closed indefinitely from the floods in June
  • ·         There are several resurfacing/replacement projects between Duluth and the Cities that result in one lane traffic.   Check the MN Dot web site for details.
  • ·         One of these extends from Scanlon almost to exit 245  (Buffalo House)  watch for the exit after the construction zone.
  • ·         There has been construction around the 245 Exit with traffic maintained.  It may be done by our event.  If not,  pick your way through the cone forest carefully, it’s not too bad.