ALIEN & ADVENTIVE plant species in India
ALIEN plants - how did they arrive in India?
An Orientation Course on Plant Taxonomy
App for identification
A Second Release of The Plant List (TPL)
Author citations based on Heyne
Botanical Latin Website
Botanical specimens collected in H.P. in 1930s
Botanical terms- cuspidate, arista, ochrea
Botany related- links
ca in elevation
Caryophyllaceae week Statistics
Checking the plants with Protologue for correct Id
Chromosomal aberrations
Connections = White Flowers = fragrance = Night Blooming
Database on Indian marine algae
Describing Flowering Plants
Details of parts of Milkweed flower
different colors in the same species ?
Discussions on limitations of The Plant List
Dr. Bhaskar Veeralinga- An obituary
Dr. C. K. Manilal
Dr. Kanchi Gandhi
Dr. Marselin R. Almeida
Efloraofindia helps in biodiversity conservation, bioprospecting and identification
Elevation range data of plant species
General classfication
Gymnosperms Fortnight: Rough position in the Plant Kingdom
Gymnosperms: Introduction
Hand lenses - how much are they used by amateur and professional botanists in India?
Hemlata Pradhan, botanist painter
Herbarium specimen can be used for Molecular studies?
How does a plant called an exotic, a 'naturalised' and a native?
How flowers survive under snow and barren mountains
How many flowering plants are in India?
How to make Herbarium Sheets
How to write a Botanical name ?
How to write Botanical names ?
ICN (Melbourne Code) is online
Identification keys
Importance of Flora of British India to efloraofindia
Invasive species : threat to local flora
Is leguminosae called Fabaceae ?
Kyd - Roxburgh - Indian Botanic Garden
Latest classifica​tion
Leaf veins are important for id in closer species
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