Altitudinal variation of phytochemical constituents in essential oil of Rosa brunonii
Anuktha dravyas
Anyone from FRI or BSI, Dehradun
Anyone In or Near Dehradun?
A reconsideration of the generic circumscription of Heterostemma
Arisaema griffithii var. pradhanii
Article on Thladiantha tomentosa
Assistance required- links
Aster molliusculus var. minor
A taxonomic revision of Heterostemma
Biodiversity/ floral diversity especially focussed on Sirsa, Hisar and Fatehabad districts of Haryana
Blooms of Bangalore
Books for flora of Delhi
Botanical name required- Vanosadhi gunadarsh
BSI compiling the all new plant species
BSI, Pune
Bulletin of the Botanical Society of Bengal, vol. 12 and 13
Chandrasekhar, K. (2008). Indian J. Forest. 31(2): 292
Chromosome number and secondary associations in Bacopa monnieri
Citation of Photo credit
could i identify a plant with digital picture ?
Fast growing trees in Punjab with good timber value
Foreign plants
Fotos for use in Field Guide
grass seeds
Guidance for post graduation
Help Required: In Protecting the trees in Delhi
Help to remove Exotic species of Vandalur RF
Herb. Musei. Vindob.
Info request
Info request on Kas Plateau
International Biodiversity Conference, Nandgaon
IUCN status of Indian plants
Lessons in Plant Morphology
List members from North East, pls help!
Literature of Conopodium
literature on Genus Dahlia
Literature on Ocimum taxonomy
Looking for hi quality images
Looking for Indigenous tree saplings...
Looking for information on shade loving shrubs/herbs
Looking for small samples of tabashir
Medicinal and aromatic plants of Himachal Pradesh
Medicinal plants book
Monograph on Indian Diospyros L.
Moss- sources/ nurseries
Naming Common Himalayan Paraquilegia J. R. Drumm. & Hutch. (2011)
Native biodiversity in the urban area
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