Adding efi site to your home screen on mobile
A question- Who has used the search in efi site ?
Are we not the biggest site in the world for wild plants with images ?
Best Flora photograph​ers
Change in the attachment size for postings on the efi group.
Cleaning up efi genera pages
Comparative images are a game changer
Deceptive site ahead- problem and solution
Details of some important contributors- efi page updated
efi completing 10 years
eFI library
eFI Presentation for IAAT Conference-2017, Delhi University
efi site also offers clues
efloraofindia (eFI) site completes eight years on 2 Nov. 2018
Efloraofindia Facebook page
Efloraofindia helping in discovering new species
efloraofIndia in
eFlora of India new site- Preview of our unfinished site
efloraofindia on Instagram
efloraofindia presentation in International Symposium on Plant taxonomy & Ethnobotany 2020-BSI, Kolkata
efloraofindia turns 13
efloraofindia website completes 10 years
Efloraofindia website updation details
Events on completion of 10 years of efloraofindia site
Flora Identifications- more and more reliance on net
Guidelines for Inserting images in efi site through URLs of posted images
How popular is efi site among non-members?
How the search works in efloraofindia site ?
How to cite efloraofindia in scientific publications
Ideas for our future efloraofindia
Images are nothing without words
Importance of eforaofindia site
Inclusion of new species in efloraofindia
Incorporating your images in efloraofindia
Inserting images- a quantum leap for efloraofindia
Interactions on efloraofindia?
Links not opening in my mobile
More than 1,00,000 images inserted
More than 2,00,000 images inserted
Now images of The Pillars have been added
Now we are able to tell the world
One of the ways to move forward in future
Outstanding Contributors to efloraofindia
Phases of developments of eFI site
Photographic and textual keys are complementary
Posts leading to publication of new species
Process followed for making the genera pages
Process of identification
QR Codes and our databases
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