Globba clarkei

Globba clarkei Baker, Fl. Brit. India 6: 210 1890. ;

Nepal to N. Thailand as per WCSP;

Leafy shoots under 1m. Leaves lanceolate, caudate, sessile, 10-30 x 4-5.5cm, pubescent to ± glabrous beneath; ligule bilobed, 2mm, ± glabrous. Infl. 10-15cm; bulbils not produced; bracts small, soon deciduous, each subtending a cincinnus of 2-3 yellow-orange, shortly pedicellate flowers; buds elliptic apiculate; cincinnus stalks 5-6(-7)cm at base of infl.; bracteoles ovate, 3-4mm. Calyx 3-lobed, 0.8-1cm, lobes shortly dentate. Corolla tube more than twice length of calyx, pubescent; petals 8-9mm, dorsal cucullate. Lateral stamiodes equalling petals but narrower; lip 1.5cm, cuneate, shortly bilobed, lobes obtuse. Stamen 2-3cm; anther6-7mm. Capsule smooth, appearing verrucose when dry.
Fl. June-August
Banks in dense, broade-leaved, evergreen forest.
Attributions - H.J Noltie. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE. 1994 from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal )
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Sharing some pictures I guess is Globba clarkie Baker Fam. ?? .
Shot at S Godawari Botanical Garden Nepal 13 July 2016 at 5000 ft.
Just to share only 4 members G. clarkie. G. hookeri, G. marantina and G. racemosa are recorded in Nepal so far.
May be Globba racemosa
Sorry, it is not Globba racemosa 

Thank you all for ID.
Nepali Names : देवी सरो Devi Saro / पानि सरो paani Saro /लहरे प्रिया घाँस Lahare Priyaa Ghaans / हरकता Harakataa