Curcuma aurantiaca ?

Curcuma aurantiaca Zijp ?;
Please identify this species of Cucurma - NS 290811: Photographed at my farm at Shahapur yesterday. Please identify the plant on the right in photograph 1. The other is a typical plant of Hill Tumeric [Cucurma pseudomontana] the likes of which I had posted photographs of a few days ago and for convience have also included a close-up here - photograph 7.
I think the last picture is a different one!
Which is the valid genus name : Cucurma or Curcuma.
Of course, Curcuma is the valid genus name.
I think it was a typo.
The flowers are not clear. Since many are of same in the inflorescence stage. Please check if there is any appendage on the anther. if absent it may be Curcuma aurantiaca (=C. ecalcarata)
any chances of Curcuma longa
check whether the anther has spur at its base?