Kniphofia uvaria (Cultivated)

SW. & S. Cape Prov. as per WCSP;

Argentina Northeast; California; Cape Provinces; Great Britain; Mexico Central; Mexico Gulf; Mexico Northeast; Mexico Southwest; Oregon; Spain; St.Helena; Turkey; Washington as per Catalogue of Life;
Torch Lily, Tritoma, Red Hot Poker;

in jillings estate in uttranchal - 5/8/08?; 12/13.5.10- Avalanche- Kunda Forest Reserve; Hazuribagh Garden on June 16, 2010;  flowers for id - indiantreepix | Google Groups To Share 130610 ET - efloraofindia | Google Groups Kniphofia uvaria from Kashmir - efloraofindia | Google Groups
VoF Week: Asphodelaceae sp ( Torch lily) at Joshimath:  These photographs were taken from the moving bus near Joshimath. Looks like planted one.
Date/Time: 06-08-2012 / 02:30PM
Yes Kniphofia uvaria
Vow.. Beautiful Shots of Torch Lily

Id of an ornamental plant : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Request for Id of an ornamental plant from Mahe. Photographed in September 2019.
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Is it Kniphofia? Which species it could be. Regards, B. Subramaniam
Is it Kniphofia? Which species it could be.

Is it K. uvaria
Yes, matches with images at Kniphofia uvaria