Aloe arborescens

23rd of October, 2008: Chettiyar Park, Kodaikanal; 

Aloe Vera for ID: 160310-AK-2 - efloraofindia | Google Groups

Aloe arborescens from Delhi: Aloe arborescens Mill., Gard. dict. ed. 8: Aloe no. 3. 1768
    An arborescent, branched shrub, up to 3 m tall, leaves in terminal rosette, linear-lanceolate, up to 50 cm long and 5 cm broad, margin with firm pale teeth; fls scarlet, 2.5-3 cm long, in dense up to 40 cm long racemes.
Planted in Herbal Garden, Punjabi Bagh in Delhi, photographed on 8 March, 2011
    Commonly grown as ornamental, but also used as medicinal like Aloe vera. commonly used to treat burn wounds. Preliminary results show that it may also be used in the treatment of cancer.
    Common names: Candelabra aloe, Candelabra plant, Octopus plant, torch plant 

Aloe:  What kind of Aloe is this ? This is from the Archive.
This is *Aloe arborescens*, commonly known as the Krantz Aloe.,Kodai-DSCN6609.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrH6ML-Gw_BLq13spK9BAoJy9H4ITBSLWzEtqAY4vrmYk82Q1OyieNaRDg7KV1nDPZMR9l4QDv-p9D0G8MQqtPsFr1dxhak8msNrBtdqoYSppy8UHPY
Aloe for ID : 210611 : AK-1: Taken at Chettiar Park,Kodaikanal on the 23rd of October, 2008.

I too think that this is *Aloe arborescens *of Asparagaceae family.