Verbena rigida (Naturalised)

Sandpaper Verbena;

Verbena rigida (slender vervain, tuberous vervain), syn. V. venosa, is a flowering herbaceous perennial plant in the family Verbenaceae. It is native to Brazil and Argentina, and is not fully hardy in temperate climates, where consequently it is grown from seed as an annual.

Growing to 60 centimetres (24 in), it has a spreading habit, with stalkless toothed leaves and bright purple or magenta, scented flowers in summer. Numerous cultivars have been selected for garden use.[1][2][3]

(From Wikipedia on 30.12.13)

Requesting to please ID this plant captured growing wild in Ooty in November 2013.
Seems Verbena rigida to me.
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Date/Time: 25th of October,2008.
Location Place: Kodaikanal    Altitude: 2100 meters    GPS:
Habitat: Garden   Type: Cultivated
Plant Habit: Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Herb   Height: About I feet    Length:
Leaves type:   Shape:   size:
Inflorescence Type:   Size: 
Flowers size: about 1 cm   Colour: Purple   Calyx:   Bracts:
Fruit type:   Shape:   Size:   Seeds:
Other  information:   Fragrance:   Pollinator:   Uses: 
These flowers taken at SHRIL, Kodaikanal looked like Verbena to me. But the shape of the leaves is different.
Could someone identify these for me?
The plant seen in the attached photo is Verbena rigida [common name: sandpaper Verbena] 
Please match this points with your photo
Size: 1ft tall, spread to 4ft wide
Leaves: dark green, toothed, pointed, opposite, 1-4in long; rough surface
Flowers: purple, blooms summer to fall; in clusters
Fruit: seeds
Stems: stems are upright, square

Many thanks ... for the name.
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For validation please.