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Lippia: Spreading shrubs, hairs simple. spikes elongate, style sublateral, fruit wall thin, corolla tube much protruding
Lanatana: Spreading Shrubs, hairs simple, Spikes dense,  style sublateral, fruit wall fleshy, corolla tube not protruding much
Phyla: Prostrate herbs, hairs medifixed, spikes dense, style terminal, fruit wall thin, corolla tube not protruding much. 

Lantana may easily be distinguished by its stem and leaves being harshly pubescent
Lippia alba (Mill.) N. E. Br. and L. javanica are two different species though often confused, especially our Bengal specimens. Lippia gemminata Kunth is a synonym of L. alba
Material of Lippia alba is often confused with Lantana indica, and can be conclusively differentiated on the basis of fruit being fleshy in Lantana indica and dry in Lippia alba. 
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