Urticaceae member- Pali near Khopoli, MH

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This vegetable was on sale at the local vendor. This was at Pali near Khopoli, MH in Aug 2019.
He called it 'Dhamni' or 'Dhanni' in Marathi. It is available only during this time.
Requested to please ID.

Probably leaf of Corchorus species. 

reminds me of jute // pat saag
Jute is manufactured from fibres of Corchorus olitorius/ capsularis

I know that but in markets its called jute saag, including in queens any where the Bangladeshis come to sell and buy these.
Thanks for the feedback ...
However, I do not think this is Corchorus aestuans or olitorius, particularly based on the venation of the leaves. I clicked a Corchorus just close by and the venation is different. See attached.
To me appears some Urticaceae member ?
Noted with thanks. But no clue ...
My guess was Corchorus , 
I feel it could be Corchorus urticifolia, or a Laportea sp....... it strongly resembles Laportea inrterrupta I have seen. 

Leaf venation of Corchorus urticifolius looks different from High resolution specimen from India from GBIF.

Leaf venation also does not matches with Laportea interrupta

Perilla frutescens ??
I do not think matches with Perilla