Urtica urens

Urtica urens L., Sp. Pl. 984 1753. (Syn: Urtica trianae Rusby); 

Urtica urens L. (images by Gurcharan Singh; inserted by Gurcharan Singh)


Urtica urens from Uttarakhand_DSR_01_Feb 2014-02-21 : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.
While going through the species of Urtica in our database eFI I noticed that Urtica urens is not represented; therefore, enclosing a picture of it.
Urtica urens L., a native of Europe, is relatively a new introduction in India.
It is small annual herb in shady moist areas with sparse stinging hairs. Leaves are ovate, cordate at base, and inflorescence of small clusters of flowers.
Photographed in Srinagar Garhwal (540m), Uttarakhand.
Yes ... A very distinct -plant very common in fields in California.
I will upload mine from California.

Urtica urens from Sunnyvale California : Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.
The species being uploaded by ... from Uttarakhand reminds me of my photographs from California. I am uploading the same here.
Urtica urens is not common in Western Himalaya. However, in Srinagar Garhwal I found it as a weed in a Govt nursery. It is also reported from Dehradun.