Elatostema grande

Elatostema grande (Wedd.) P.S.Green, Kew Bull. 45: 254 1990. (syn: Dorstenia pubescens Forst.fil.; Elatostema affine Wedd.; Elatostema cyrtandrifolium Miq.; Elatostema grande Wedd.; Elatostema polycephalum Wedd.; Elatostema pubescens (Forst.fil.) Pers.; Elatostema punctatum Wedd.; Elatostema serratum Forst. ex Wedd.; Elatostema ulmifolium Miq.; Procris australis Spreng.; Procris polycephala Wall.; Procris punctata Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don; Sciophila sessilifolia Gaud.);   

New Guinea, Lord Howe Isl., peninsular Malaysia, trop. Asia, Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;

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Location : Balaju, Raniban, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Elevation : 1500 m.
Date : 16 July 2017
Habitat : Wild 
Elatostema sessile J. R. & G. Forst. ??
Thank you.
Not sure if I have posted it earlier. I could not find in the listing.

I doubt if it is found in Nepal as per Catalogue of Life and POWO 

This species is E. punctatum. Nepal is type locality. A very rare species.

Catalogue of Life treats Elatostema punctatum Wedd. as a synonym of Elatostema grande (Wedd.) P.S.Green.
Is it OK?

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Location: Balaju, Raniban, Kathmandu
Date: 29 September 2020
Elevation: 1500 m.
Habit : Wild
Elatostema grande (Wedd.) P.S.Green ?
Syn : Elatostema punctatum Wedd.

Yes, appears close to images at Elatostema grande 

I didn’t pay more attention to this before since in Wang’s book (Wang, 2014), it is named as E. punctatum. I need also check the original description and type of E. grande then I can confirm whether they are same